Friday, February 8, 2013

Making Science Juicy

My kids love Curious George;  I love science.  What can be more fun than combining the two?  One of our (okay, my) favorite Curious George episodes, “Juicy George,” is about George trying to recreate a juice recipe.  Afterward, there is a segment of real kids creating their own juice combinations.  I thought it would be fun to do the same.

We already had an assortment of juices in our house—the standard orange, apple, and cranberry, as well as tangerine juice that was on sale.  I wanted the kids to try vegetable juice as well, so I bought small bottles of a carrot-orange juice.  I also bought a bottle of blueberry-blackberry juice, since my daughter claims to not like blueberries, but I had a feeling she’d like the juice.

After the kids and I re-watched the episode, I poured a small amount of each of our juices into clear cups.  I put the bottle of each behind the cup so the kids would know what’s what.  My two kids took turns telling me what juices they wanted to combine.  We poured 1 tablespoon of that juice into a cup. 

They had a blast trying the different juice combinations, even liking the carrot juice.  It was a great way for them to get a variety of vitamins and try flavors they might not normally be willing to taste (did I mention that neither of my children like vegetables, and my daughter doesn't normal like/drink juice?).

I feared that trying too many combinations would cause one of them to get a stomachache, but all is well.  Sticking with 1 tbsp amounts seemed about right.  They each tried six or seven combinations. 

Next step: Learning more about what vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables can do for our body.  Stay tuned…