Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Birds III

In addition to creating paper birds for our mural, we have found some good bird books:
Bird Songs by Betsy Franco
Riki’s Birdhouse  by Monica Wellington
Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert
If anyone has another favorite bird book, let me know!

I also downloaded a bird call app on my phone: Bird Caller + (get the 99 cent one vs the free one)

Here are some more of the birds we’ve done.

Blue Jay
Good photo and facts: Blue Jay I and Blue Jay II 

Activity: We first looked at photos of blue jays.  Then I used the template I found at Blue Jay Coloring Page (I enlarged it a little bit) and had the kids glue blue, black, and white feathers onto it.

Canada Goose
Good photo and facts: Canada Goose I  and Canada Goose II
Activity: This was a cute activity and good for following directions.  I added the pieces onto a goose, step by step and had my daughter create hers.  Heart Goose Activity
Coloring page: Click Here

Good photo and facts: Carolina Chickadee
There is also a good illustration in Bird Songs by Betsy Franco.

Activity: Using this Coloring Page, I created a similar image on watercolor paper.  I then showed my kids a picture of a chickadee and had them use black and beige paint to create a similar bird.


  1. Hi there! Jill at Ryerson forwarded on your blog to me and I'm so excited that our class on Winter Birds at Ryerson sparked such fun and excitement for you and your kids. Attached is a book list of Winter Birds. We have a similar program on Maple Syrup in a few weeks. Hopefully you can join us then!
    Jen, Environmental Educator, LCFPD

    Downy Woodpecker by Tom Jackson
    Backyard Birds Woodpeckers by Lynn Stone
    Eyewitness Books: Bird, by David Burne

    Field guides with natural history and illustrations
    Guide to Bird Behavior: Volume 2 by Donald & Lillian Stokes
    Field Guide to North American Birds by The Audubon Society

    Picture Books
    Bird Songs by Betsy Franco
    The Owl & The Woodpecker by Brian Wildsmith
    Woodpecker Forest by Keizaburo Tejima
    The Busy Tree by Jennifer Ward
    Grandmother Winter by Phyllis Root
    The Littlest Owl, by Caroline Pitcher & Tina Macnaughton
    Two Blue Jays, by Anne Rockwell & Megan Halsey
    World book’s Animals of the World: Cardinals and Other Songbirds, by Meish Goldish
    The Big Snow, by Berta and Elmer Hader
    Snow Ravens, by Bruno Hachler
    Owl Moon, Jane Yolen

  2. Shamelessly blowing my own horn, have you looked at The Robin Makes A Laughing Sound: A Birder's Journal? It's a journal/scrapbook of bird poems and sketches and all the birds mentioned can be seen in the Chicago area. The book is organized by season. Don't quit on birds now--it's starting to get really interesting and the migrators come through and the summer residents return to nest!

  3. No, Sallie, I haven't, but want to see your new book. Awesome that it's arranged by season. Will do. :)